Equipment Cost
Panasonic BTLH 1710 17" Monitor $150/day
Blackberry Monitor Stand $5/day

Equipment Cost
Sachtler Video 20 (100mm ball, up to 50lbs) $100/day
Sachtler FSB-8 (75mm ball, up to 20lbs) $75/day

Car Mounts
Equipment Cost
Matthews 10" Suction Cup w/ Ballhead $25/day
Matthews Suction Kit1 $50/day
Modern Hostess Tray Kit $75/day
Modern Hood Mount Kit $75/day

Other Camera Support
Equipment Cost
100mm Hi Hat $15/day
Dexter Adjustable Leg / Speedrail mount Hi Hat $20/day
Cinesaddle $20/day
Mitchell Levelling Head w/ ½" Bolt Mount $35/day
Mafer Clamp w/ Manfrotto 496 Ball Head (up to 17lbs) $12/day
1Matthews Suction Kit includes:
   [1]10" Suction Cup w/ Ballhead, [1] Matthews Magic Riser,
   [4] 4" Baby pin suction cups, [1] Hot shoe clamp
   [6] MICROgrip gobo heads, [2] MICROgrip matth gags
   [4] 20" micro-rods, [1] 8" micro-rod,
   [2] Cardellini Clamps, [2] Mini Cardellini Clamps

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