Equipment Cost
Apple Box Sets $5/day
Full,Half,Quarter Apples $2/day
Pancakes $1.50/day

Equipment Cost
4' & 6' Step Ladders $4/day
8' & 10' Step Ladders $6/day
12' Double Sided Step Ladder $12/day
28' Extension Ladder $10/day
Scaffolding 6' w/ Leveling Wheels $40/day

Equipment Cost
Baby Boom Arm (15lb max @ 7' full extension) $10/day
Baby C Clamp $2/day
Baby Nail On Plate $1.50/day
Baby Offset Arm $2/day
Baby Pipe Clamp $2/day
Baby Right Angle Adapter $1.50/day
Baby Riser 12" $1.50/day
Baby Sidearm $2/day
Baby Swivel Spigot w/ Pump Cup $3/day
Baby Triple Header $2/day
Baby Trombone $3/day
Cardellini Clamp $2/day
Chain Vise Grip w/ Baby Stud $2/day
Comet Boom $3.50/day
Drop Ceiling Clamp $1/day
Furniture Clamps w/ Baby Stud $1.50/day
Mafer Clamp $1.50/day
Math Becky (Baby Set Wall Bracket) $3/day
Putty Knife w/ Baby Stud $1/day
2x4 Slider w/ Baby Pin $2/day

Equipment Cost
Manfrotto Mega Boom (Articulated, 13lb max @ 12' full extension) $50/day
Candlestick $10/day
Condor Bracket w/ Sliders $20/day
Jr. Nail On Plate $2/day
Jr. C Clamp $2/day
Jr. Offset Arm $2/day
Jr. Pipe Clamp $2/day
Jr. Riser $2/day
Jr. Set Wall Bracket $2/day
Jr. Sidearm $2/day
Jr. To Baby (750) Adapter $1/day
Jr. T Bone $2/day
Jr. Triple Header $3/day
Trapeze $4/day

Equipment Cost
Beadboard Holder $2/day
Big Ben Clamp $2/day
C Boom Clamp $2/day
C Clamp (Assorted Sizes) $1.50/day
Chain Vise Grip $1.50/day
Cheesebrough $1.50/day
Furniture Clamp 3' Long $2.50/day
Gaffer Grip $1.50/day
Glass Kit Asst. Sizes $10/day
Gobo Head $1/day
Lollipop (4.5" Grip Head) $2/day
Magic Arm Kit $15/day
Matth Gag (Double Gobo Head) $1.50/day
Pole Cat 6' $5/day
Pole Cat 4' $3/day
Pipe Nipple $1/day
Pulley Large $2/day
Pulley Small $1/day
Safety Cable $1/day
Sand Bags 15lb $2.50/day
Sand Bags 25lb $3.50/day
Shot Bags 15lb $3/day
Silk Branch $5/day
Sound Blanket $2/day
Speedrail Ear $2/day
Speedrail Pipe Sections (1¼" and 1½" available) $.30/foot per day
Speedrail Wall Spreader Set (1.5") $5/day
Speedrail Menace Arm Kit (1.5") $10/day
Speedrail C-Clamp $5/day
Speedrail Sleeve (1.5") $4/day
Spring Clamps $1/day
Tree Branch Holder $2/day
12K/18K Fresnel Ear Extension Set $10/day
2x4 Holder $2/day
2x4 Splicer $2/day
2x4 Wall Spreader $2.50/day
2x6 Wall Spreader $3/day

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