Watts Cost
18K Fresnel $750/day
12K CMC Silver Bullet Fresnel $450/day
9K M90 (lensless par) $900/day
6K Par $675/day
4K M40 (lensless par) $500/day
4K Par $425/day
1800w M18 (lensless par) $250/day
1200w Par $135/day
1200w Fresnel $125/day
575w Par $100/day
575w Fresnel $80/day
200w Par $60/day
125w Pocket Par $50/day
K 5600
Gear Cost
1600w Joker-Zoom w/ Small Chimera $225/day
800w Joker-Bug or Zoom w/ Small Chimera $125/day
400w Joker-Bug w/ X-small chimera $100/day
400w Joker-Bug 2-light kit w/ 2 X-small chimeras $200/day
Bug-a-Beam "JoeLeko" Body for 16001 $100/day
Bug-a-Beam "JoeLeko" Body for 8001 $50/day
Source 4 Leko for 400 Bug-a-Beam "JoeLeko"2 $20/day
Extra Source 4 Leko Lenses (19º, 26º, 36º, 50º) $5/day
All HMIs include flicker-free electronic ballast. Arri HMIs include (1) 50' & (1) 25' head cable. K5600 HMIs include (1) 25' head cable.

Lights up to 4K include Beefy Baby or Jr. stands.
RoadRunner and Crankovator stands are available for an additional charge.

11600/800 Bug-a-Beam includes 1 leko lens.

2Source 4 Leko includes 1 lens and a 575w or 750w tungsten back.

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