Equipment Cost
Complete Set1 $70/day
Frame w/ Stands $30/day
Frame only $20/day
50° Soft Egg Crate $100/day
Single Net $15/day
Double Net $20/day
Poly Silk $10/day
Solid $10/day
B/W Griffolyn $10/day
Quarter Grid Cloth $15/day
Light Grid Cloth $15/day
Full Grid Cloth $15/day
Bleached Muslin $15/day
Unbleached Muslin $15/day
Magic Cloth $15/day
Silver Lamé $12/day
Gold Lamé $12/day
Gold/Silver Lamé Checkerboard   $12/day
Black Poly Silk $12/day
1/4 Silk $15/day
China Silk $20/day
Chroma Key Green $40/day
Chroma Key Blue $40/day
Hi Lite $20/day
Ultra Bounce $20/day
Half Soft Frost $20/day
1Complete set includes Frame & Stands, Solid, Ultrabounce, Silver, Light Grid, Poly Silk, Single and Double Nets.

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