Equipment Cost
600amp Bates Distro Box
(3Ø Camlock in, 6-100amp 110v Bates out)
300amp Bates Distro Box
(3Ø Camlock in, 3-100amp 110v Bates out)
220v Bates Distro Box
(3Ø Camlock in, 3-100amp 220v Bates out)
100amp Lunch Box (100A Bates to 5-20amp Edison duplex) $20/day
100amp Bates To Edison Gang Box $15/day
60amp Bates To Edison Gang Box $10/day
100amp Bull Switch (3Ø Camlock in/out) $25/day
Equipment Cost
2/0 Cable 100’ $8/day
2/0 Cable 50’ $4/day
50’ #2 5-Wire Banded Feeder Cable $12.50/day
50' 100amp Bates (120v Or 220v) $7/day
50' 60amp Bates Extension $5/day
25' 60amp Bates Extension $3/day
50' 19-pin Socapex $10/day
50’ 12/3 Edison Extension (Stinger) $4/day
25’ 12/3 Edison Extension (Stinger) $3/day
Equipment Cost
Edison Quad Box $3/day
Bates 100amp To 100amp Splitter $2.50/day
Bates 100amp To 60amp Splitter $2.50/day
Bates 60amp To 60amp Splitter $2.50/day
100amp Snake Bite (120v Or 220v) $4/day
20amp Bates To Edison Adapters $1/day
Camlock T’s $1/day
Camlock 3fer’s $3/day
60amp Trico Tie In Set $8/day
100amp Trico Tie In Set $10/day
Bare End Tie In Set $5/day
Socapex Break-In (6-Male Edison to Female 19-Pin Socapex) $10/day
Socapex Break-Out (Male 19-Pin Socapex to 6-Female Edison) $10/day
Yellow Jacket Cable Covers $10/day
Equipment Cost
6 Channel X 12k Dimmer (3Ø Camlock in, 100A Bates out) $125/day
12k Single Channel Dimmer $100/day
12 Channel X 2.4k Dimmer (3Ø Camlock in, Socapex or 20A Bates out) $125/day
6 Channel X 800w Dimmer (2-20A Edison in, 6-Edison duplex out) $25/day
8 Channel Pocket DMX Console $20/day
12/24 Channel DMX Console $30/day
1K Squeeze Dimmer $7/day
LED Hand Dimmer $10/day
2K Variac $10/day
2K Electronic Dimmer $10/day
2K Flicker Generator $25/day
6K Magic Gadget Shadowmaker (3-20A Edison in/out) $50/day

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