Dana Dolly

Behold! Dana, Rider of Speedrails.

Equipment Cost
Dana Dolly w/ stands & rails1 $100/day
Dana Dolly, no stands or rails2 $75/day
"Low Mode" underslung rail brackets $15/day
Curved Rails, 8' + 10', or 10' + 12' $15/day
Additional Curved Rail $5/day
Slider Stand (double wild leg) $8/day
Our dolly is Mitchell base, and includes 75mm & 100mm ball head adapters. The kit includes track ends, & center support.
1Low boy combo stands are standard. Other stands can be substituted for an additional charge. 4', 6', 8', 10', 12', & 20' rails are available.
2Includes track hardware & ball head adapters.

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