Equipment Cost
Matthews "Round-d-Round" Doorway Dolly $80/day
Doorway Dolly $45/day
Western Dolly $70/day
Western Dolly w/ Beach & Rough Terrain Wheels $100/day
"Sweet Baby Lee" Super-Low Angle Push Dolly $75/day
"Rosebud" Sled Dolly $35/day
Handheld Stand-Up Dolly $40/day
Equipment Cost
Set of Sled Wheels   $30/day
Porta-Glide Sled Wheels (best choice for curve track) $75/day
Set of Fisher 10 Track Wheels $30/day
Fisher Rotating offset $15/day
Doorway Dolly Track Wheels $15/day
10’ Straight Filmair Aluminum Track $25/day
8’ Straight Filmair Aluminum Track $20/day
4’ Straight Filmair Aluminum Track $17.50/day
2’ Straight Filmair Aluminum Track $15/day
Filmair Starter Track $15/day
8’ Straight Steel Track $10/day
4’ Straight Steel Track $10/day
2’ Straight Steel Track $10/day
Steel Starter Track $10/day
Wide Curved Track – 20’ O.D., 8 makes full circle $10/day
Tight Curved Track – 14’ O.D., 4 makes full circle $12/day
Super Tight Curved Track – 10’ O.D., 4 makes full circle $12/day
Box of Stepblocks $5/day
Box of Cribbing $5/day
Box of Wedges1 $5/day
1One box of wedges included w/ dolly & track orders

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